Jul 29, 2008

Lunch date . . .

I was on my way to meet my sister and her best friend for a lunch date. The DHL truck in front of me was practicing drifting. It had wonky wheels.

This is what the freeway looked like after I passed the street sweeper cleaning the middle of the freeway. It might have been his first day on the job, or maybe he just didn't feel like getting his truck dirty. I'm pretty sure most of the dirt and trash collects on the sides of the road, but that's just my opinion. I wonder if it swept up the ladder I saw a mile ahead.

This is Frannie. She's my sister's best friend. I like her too. And not because my sister says I have to. I like her all on my own.

This is my sister, Linnie. I like her too. Because she says I have to. Not really. I like her well enough on my own. All of the time. Forever.

Here's the two of them together. We met for lunch because, a couple years ago Frannie moved back to her hometown, 5 states away. We miss her very much. The three of us used to go on a Girl's Trip every November. We still go, but it's not the same without her. I have no one to bug. My sister is used to me and knows all my jokes and all my stories. Plus she really hates it if I poke her while she's driving. Frannie didn't mind. She liked it. At least I told her she did. I'm pretty convincing that way.

This is what happened to Frannie when she moved back home.

She lost her California tan.

Oh, and she added some sparkle to her ring finger. She got married! I couldn't be happier for her. Her hubby had to go through a lot of Cracker Jack boxes to find this prize. It didn't really come from a Cracker Jack box. It came from the most beautiful ring in the world place. I'm going there for my next vacation. I told her that in some countries if you admire something someone has they are supposed to give it to you. She told me not to admire it.

This is what the freeway looked like on my drive home. Where's a street sweeper when you need one?


Kat said...

You should have made your waiter take a picture of the three of you. So they could get a tip.

And that ring! I'm admiring. I'll let her know my address.

buffalodickdy said...

Sounds like a good time! Everytime I spend alot of money on jewelry- I get my "I spent too much on jewelry" headache...Lasts until I give the present...

Chris said...

You know, I was on a conference call today. One of the guys on there had to go really quickly because the earthquake happened on the phone. It was around 11:30 your time, yeah?

Hope everything's good your way.

Weather Moose

Swirl Girl said...

Maybe the DHl truck was wonky 'cuz of our quake today...didja feel it?

Romi said...


Everything is fine. Thanks for asking. Lots of stuff fell, the pool looked like a wave pool and I did the "dance" I mentioned on your blog for the housekeeper. She was very impressed I must say.

Swirl Girl,
I felt it more than I would have liked to. It was just over the hill from my house. Did you feel it?

Swirl Girl said...

I did feel it for a few seconds. This is the 3rd one since I've lived here. Freaky huh? Did you hide under a mattress?

lyngweeny said...

I was in a salon when the quake hit....all mirrors and glass. One of the guys there started crying. He moved from Missouri and this was his first earthquake. The manicurist told him the difference between a tornado and an earthquake is that the tornado picks your s--- up and blows it away while during an earthquake your s--- just crumbles around you. That didn't make him feel better.

Romi said...

Swirly Girl,
I wasn't really sure what to do. I didn't hide under the mattress because that's where all the money is:-)

I love the analogy. I've never heard it explained like that before.

only a movie said...

Earthquake = yikes
Ring = awesome

I'm glad everyone is ok.