Jul 13, 2008

Goin back to my roots . . .

I have happy hair today.
My astrological sign is Leo, and let me tell you, with a Leo it's all about the hair.


Two years ago I went from blond to black. I loved it. But, I love change and I get bored easily with my look so I'm going back to blond again. This picture is from my fourth treatment on my way back to being a blond. I love the transformation. All my friends and co-workers say they aren't brave enough to change their look and want to know how I have the guts. It's just hair. It will grow back. I can change it if I don't like it in the end. It's the one thing that a gal has that can make her feel like a million bucks and is a quick fix if you feel in need of a change.

It's my retribution for having to live with the "Pixie" haircut as a child every summer.

I've had many hairstlyes in my day.

I had cyclamen pink hair during a punk phase I was going through in college. My rebellious phase lasted a whole week.

I had the Dorothy Hamill Wedge, the Bi-Level, the Shag, the Gypsy, the Little Lord Fauntleroy, and many others. I'll have to dig up some pictures and show my hair history some day.

I love hair.

What's your hair story?


Kendrawolf said...

Oooh, I love it. It's pretty. I grew up with a non-discipt blondish-brownish color. So when I hit 30 I chose Red and I haven't looked back!

DewdropDream said...

your hair does look awesome!

I had really short boy-type hair for a long time... mum's idea, saved her having to maintain it. After that I grew it nearly waist length and she had it chopped off again and it never grew back. Don't think am going to forgive her that one ever. It's been shoulder length after that with random bouts of naked-neck bobs making an appearance... and now it's shoulder length, layered, fringed... waiting to grow back.

Kat said...

Very pretty. I'd love to see pictures of the other colors you've tried. I've never tried to dye my hair any color other than the brown that was sort of my natural color. I've had accidents...where the color didn't turn out exactly like I wanted.

But, I think I'd look strange to go blonde. And I don't think I could accomplish that out of a bottle anyways. I think it might turn out orangutan orange.

And then, I have really long hair. And I am much too chicken to cut it. Yes, it's hair. Yes it will grow. But the process might take too long for my impatient self.

buffalodickdy said...

I like dark hair better. I like short hair better too...You look very good dear, and i'm not wrong enough to bother with- How about them apples?

buffalodickdy said...

I have to be the only person whose real hair looks more like a cheap toupee than a cheap toupee...

Debbie said...

Wow. You have gorgeous hair! I am just fighting to stay ahead of the gray these days...thus the every six week trips for a cut and color. I am pretty conservative with my hair..but I currently sport one of those reverse wedge hair cuts..short in the back longer in the front, and I love it. Easy and stylish!

PS. Thanks for stopping by!

Romi said...

Thanks, I think? :-) Your cheap toupee comment made me laugh.

I go every 6 weeks too. I work to pay for my hair color these days:-)

Thanks to both of you for stopping by.

Kath said...

Your hair looks gorgeous...love the color...

jen721 said...

Your hair looks nice. Pretty bold going from blonde to black.

I am in the midst of growing out a bad layer job. Change color at least once every 6 weeks. My favorite hair feature I currently have is the underside in the back is BLACK and the rest is (as of 2 days ago)auburn. Looks really good. But I shall soon be bored and move to something new.