May 29, 2008

3's a crowd...

My sister, her best friend, and I used to go on a Girl's Trip once a year.

That's my sister on the left and her friend "F" on the right. I am not in the picture. Just pretend that ostrich behind them is me. I'm acting very disinterested. I think she's trying to tell us something.We stayed in this room. The brochure called it the "Fantasy Suite". I had fantasies about staying somewhere else all night. My sister is taking this picture while standing in the closet. We found out later that this room used to be a broom closet. Really. In order to get around in this room two people had to sit on the bed while the third person squeezed by. We should have had a clue when we checked in. My sister asked for a roll-away and the desk clerk laughed. My sister and I slept together on the bed. We were synchronized sleepers. If she turned over so did I. It wasn't an option.
"F" slept in the closet. That's her in a suitcase balanced on top of the ironing board.

What a pal.

I wonder if this is why she doesn't go with us anymore?

I'm pretty sure the fact that she moved 5 States away and got married has nothing to do with it.

I wish she would come back and go on another trip with us.

I hate sleeping in the closet.

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Anonymous said...

I was literally crying when I read this, unsucessfully trying to explain to hubby why this is SOOOOOOO funny! No one else can truly understand why this is one of the great weekends ever had by yor hearts out Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda!!

p.s. Thanks for protecting the innocent!! :-)