Jul 15, 2008

Camp Candid Carrie . . .

Welcome to all of the Candid Carrie Campers.

Itinerary for today:

Early morning: Have a look around and get aquainted with your other camp mates.

All day: A most incredible buffet will be served - somewhere in the world - but here, you get - Beans, Weenies and S'Mores.

Activities for the active: Reading blogs, and ignoring household duties if you feel so inclined to do that sort of thing. Feel free to hang out here all day.

Commenting is not mandatory, but is appreciated.

Camp Sing-Along song options are as follows:

"Candid Carrie is our friend, the hero of our blogging world."

"Camp Candid Carrie, we love you yes we do."

"C.C.C. or bust."

All lyrics provided upon request or when I have time to finish them.

Thanks for choosing the World's Finest at Camp Candid Carrie.

Places you might want to visit while you are here:

That's hot

Look what I can do

Going to the Chapel

There's plenty more where these came from so look around and enjoy your field trip day at Camp.

Thanks for stopping by.


Candid Carrie said...

Seriously, Romi you did not need to go through all this trouble! I see you put all your trophies and awards away and I don't blame you for that ... We will try to keep it this clean. Thank you in advance for being so gracious!

Sidney said...

Yea! This should be fun...I've never been to the west coast! Can we go to the beach??

THE Stephanie said...

Hey Romi! Thanks for stopping y my blog! The San Anotnio heat is certainly something your nephew WILL NOT miss!! I just giggled when my family couldn't make it through their camp out... I knew they wouldn't but would never say that out loud :)

Kandace said...

Thanks for having me. I couldn't find the restroom so I went over in the corner. I hope that was the designated area. Sorry, I just wasn't expecting to be on the tour for so long, my bladder is the size of a pea.

Romi said...

Candid Carrie,
Thank you for having me...and as for those awards...well, don't tell anyone, but I don't have any yet.

The beach is an easy and quick drive away and it looks like perfect weather for it . . . have fun and thanks for dropping by.

The Stephanie,
Thanks for stopping by:-) I was wondering when I read your post if your hubby and kids would last outside for long.

Feel free to go anywhere you please. I'll worry about the clean up tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

lynngweeny said...

When is craft time? I need a new macaroni necklace. I ate the last one for breakfast.

Chris said...

As the token male on these field trips, I feel it is my duty to find any and all manly things and attach myself to them.

The women scare me.

Won't you save me?

Weather Moose

Jennifer Eoff said...

I'm going with Sidney to the beach! This Texas heat is unbearable. Thanks for having us all Romi. I enjoyed the field trip.

Mamahut said...

Hi Romi, I am with the field trippers. What a nice place you have. Carrie you should give her, what I gave you, cuz she really is fun. Don't worry Romi it's not anything bad.

Jennifer said...

I'm a Carrie Camper saying hi!!!

Candid Carrie said...

You all need to quit scaring Chris the Weather Moose.

Romi said...

You have been saved. I will attempt to make more manly posts in the future for your benefit.:-) There are two other guys here that read my blog. The "Look what I can do" post is about a boy...does that help? Thanks for stopping by.

Only one macaroni necklace per person. It has something to do with the economy and your mother only paying for 20 noodles and some string.

Jennifer Eoff,
Enjoy the beach and thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for the compliment. I'll take anything as long as it's not a lingering disease:-) Thanks for stopping by and camping for a while.

Hi - back at ya! Thanks for camping with me today.

Shelle said...

I totally missed the fieldtrip yesterday! But I came by to say Hi...and I'll be back!!! :)

Romi said...

Thanks for coming by. It's never too late to join in the fun.

Judy Haley said...

Hi Romi

I'm trying to catch up with Camp Candid Carrie (you know the little kid in back that's always dawdling then falls down and skins her knee...) I already loved your blog before camp candid carrie came along, but I'm so glad she featured you

Romi said...

We have a first aid kit handy for those skinned knees. Thanks for loving my blog. It means a lot to me. Come on over anytime you feel like it...the door's always open:-)