Jul 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary . . .

Today is our wedding anniversary. 100 glorious years together, give or take a few. Birds will sing, bells will ring, and we will run through the meadow picking daisies and holding hands on this day. Well, not really. We will go out to dinner, and if he's lucky he can hold my hand. But just one hand, and not while we eat. I'm going to need it to pick up the fork.

My sister made the adorable wedding couple for us as an anniversary gift. She also made the card, and gave us the, "Do you know your Groom/Bride?" questionnaire's. Thanks, Lynngweeny! You're the best.

I hope I get at least a couple answers right.

What I know I did get right was marrying the man I knew would be my husband the moment I saw him. It was love at first sight for me. It took him a second longer, or maybe more. We were very young and in college, but it was right, and I couldn't imagine a life without him once I got to know him. My sister tells me I'm lucky that I married, "the one" for me. I think I'm pretty lucky too.

We met at a college party a mutual friend was having. I heard about, but didn't meet my husband for the entire first semester of school. Everyone talked about "E" and told me how crazy and funny he was, and how I just had to meet him. Second semester rolled around and my friend invited me to a party she was having. She told me that "E" would be there and we would finally have the chance to meet. I brought my best friend along for support. "E" was surrounded by his friends too.

We were introduced and he kissed my hand. I was a goner. I melted and my knees turned to jelly. The wall I was leaning against was the only thing that kept me from falling over. He kissed my best friend's hand too. She was clearly not impressed. If I remember correctly she said something like, "Oh brother, you aren't going to fall for that are you?" I did then, and I still do now.

I remember seeing him and just knowing. It hit me like a ton of bricks and scared me like nothing else. I was too young. It was only my second year of college. He was very popular and quite the ladies man. He was from a completely different culture than me. The odds were against us, but fate intervened.

He called me to go have lunch. I answered the phone. I lived with 5 other roommates at the time. I pretended that I was one of the roommate's and told him that I wasn't there. I was scared. A few weeks later on a very rainy and cold day I was sitting in class with one of my roommates when "E" walked in. By sheer coincidence he had transferred into one of the same classes I was taking. My roommate, who had heard every single detail about him, recognized him right away and said, "Look who just walked in."

Of all the days to see him again. I was wearing a yellow rain slicker and had my hair in pigtails. I looked like the girl on the Morton Salt container. He looked so handsome. He had on a cool scarf and a jacket. He looked just like he had stepped off the cover of a magazine. I was mortified. He smiled and sat down next to me and said, hello. I squeaked out a hello and managed to introduce my roommate. He invited me to watch a required film for class in the library. I went. It was a boring filmstrip about Sir Thomas Aquinas. He made me laugh the entire time. As time went on, and we got to know each other I found that I loved being around him, and I couldn't help but want to be with him all the time. He was so positive and funny, entertaining and kind, and incredibly handsome. I wanted him to be in my life. He must have felt the same way too. Here we are, many years, and two kids later.

When I ask him what it was that he liked about me in those early days he always teases me and says , "You had pretty eyes and nice hair." He'll still say that if I ask him what he likes about me today. He knows it will make me laugh.

I am lucky to have him.

I am richer for knowing him.

I am loved and I love him.

Happy Anniversary "E", and many more. . .


DewdropDream said...

awwwwwwwwwwww you guys!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Put up a photo-post with pics of you both over the years, pretty please?

Candid Carrie said...

That is so ** sigh ** romantic and I love your Morton Salt description, that makes it easier to picture you but the scarf thing made him look like a vintage pilot In My Head. Sounded cute though, I agree with a previous poster that we need a photo montage please ;)

EmBee said...

THAT is just the sweetest story!

When I met my husband for the first time I thought he was a total dweeb! A couple weeks later he made me laugh and I've been laughing and loving ever since. :-)

Kendrawolf said...

Happy Anniversary!

Teri said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you have a great day together.

Romi said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I'll try and dig up some pictures of us. We had some construction done on our house and everything is in boxes and hard to get to. There is a picture of us on our wedding day a few posts down.

I hesitate to put up any pictures because I have this little problem..I don't photograph well...at all. It's a fact, that Lynngweeny (my sister) will attest to. Once in a great while I get lucky and look half-human in a photograph:-)

Candid Carrie,
LOL! re: vintage pilot :-) Now I have images of Snoopy (the Red Baron) running through my mind!

He looked more preppy than pilot. He was wearing a tweed sports jacket, and a cashmere scarf with penny loafers and jeans. Most guys his age were wearing dirty sweats and wrinkled pajamas to school.

His uniform today is a Lacoste shirt and cool jeans.

I think humor gets a girl every time. It got me and still does.

Thanks again, to all of you for visiting my blog and keep coming back for more...

Anonymous said...

So sweet!! Happy Anniversary!!

L-weeny said...

Although my dear sister doesn't photograph well, that much is true, in person she is beautiful, inside and out!

Happy 26th to my favorite couple! ♥♥♥

the product of this marriage said...

how precious