Jul 16, 2008

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It's the day after, and all the campers have left, and I'm lonely. . .

Come back please.

I had so much fun with all of you.

Someone left their camp shirt, there's colored macaroni all over the floor, and there's sand everywhere. . . and I'm leaving it just the way it is, cause it will remind me of all of you!

Thanks Candid Carrie for being a great Camp Leader and Field Trip Organizer!


Kendrawolf said...

Can you launder that shirt for me? I'll be back to pick it up later.

Candid Carrie said...

Oh Romi, it was our pleasure. I can't speak for the rest of them but I'll keep coming back! I'll even be your friend and wear matching friendship bracelets for the rest of summer if you want.

Kat said...

I take a day or two (or 14) at the beach and I miss a few posts. I loved your pig story. Shaq watches Oprah, huh? What did your hubby think about you giving away his pig?

And I missed the camp day, too.

Man. And I thought the world stopped while I was on vacation...

lynngweeny said...

Did anyone find my retainer? My mom is gonna kill me if I lost it.

Romi said...

I laundered it and made a commemorative quilt out of it already.

Candid Carrie,
The kind with the half-hearts or the string kind?

We missed you.
The hubby was pretty glad to see Shaq go when he had to play referee at 2 in the morning ( or any time in the night - every night) over the dog and pig fighting for their respective spot in the dog igloo they both insisted on sharing. The pig liked to burrow under the blanket and the dog liked to sleep on top of it. When one of them got up to take a bathroom break it was World War III.

It fits me perfectly and I'm not giving it back.

lynngweeny said...

I'm telling Mom.

Romi said...

She thinks I'm you anyway so in essence you are telling on yourself.