Jul 27, 2008

Another year, another birthday . . .

The family celebrated my mother-in-law's 79th birthday this weekend. I made the cake. Those are two cherries on the top. They look kind of like eyeballs. This cake was as tall as the Empire State Building and weighed as much as an elephant. It took a village to carry it to the table. It wiped out an entire crop of coconuts in Thailand. It had a lemon filling and a marshmallow-like frosting. I'm sure it tasted great, but I like chocolate.

So I ate this piece of cake.

That's the birthday girl and a few of her 8 grandchildren.

This guy crashed the party. Not really. That's my brother-in-law. Someone spiked the punch and he put on a fashion show for us. The jacket belongs to my sister-in-law, but the "High School Musical" bag is his. Not really. But I bet he secretly wishes it was.

Happy Birthday, Tita. . . and many more.


suzette said...

Your mother-in-law is beautiful! I can't believe she is 79. Looks like you had a great party! I always asked for coconut cake for my birthday. Can I have a piece???

Lori said...

Wow what a cake! Looks kind of intimidating, but it sounds yummy.

Kat said...

I think I would have gone for the chocolate cake,too. I am not a big fan of marshmallow. Or coconut. But it was very pretty :-)

Teri said...

What a beautiful and HUGE cake. Yeah, I'm with you on the chocolate thing, though.

And a big Happy 79th Birthday to your really young looking mother-in-law.

Jennifer P. said...

Your cake description cracked me up ;)!---I'm guessing your little slice of chocolate was from Wal*Mart--at least ours carries cake like that :)!

And the fashion show was hilarious too!

Just popped in to thank you for your sweet wishes on my blog. I take a lot of comfort in them.

Have a GREAT weekend!