Sep 28, 2010


Simply Fall...

Ina Garten Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting...

"Gingerbread" Haunted House

Fall decorations

Mantel Pilgrims

Halloween Banner

Mrs. Pumpkin

Halloween Tree

Sep 12, 2010

Sew Blue...

 My sister and I made those blue drapes in the dining room. I decided that using a toile tablecloth to make them was a brilliant idea. It is if you can find enough of them. I did not. It made me think of math class in high school. It would have been a good idea to pay attention. I did not. Fortunately for me my sister did. She saved the day.

She helped me make these curtains too. I got to hold the tape measure. She got to read it. I guess the difference between one half and five eighths of an inch is significant sometimes.

I did not upholster these chairs. I do not have the patience nor the skills. I sold a child to get them. (not really)

I made these drapes on my own. A rectangle shape is manageable. Using a glue gun to attach the fringe is even more manageable. I expect a call from my sister immediately after she reads this. I told her I sewed the fringe on with invisible thread.

Nothing to sew here. So I have decided this has to be my favorite spot in the house. My sister helped me here too. This Cinderella slipper and coach is located in the foyer. If Prince Charming shows up we are ready. I have my daughter's bags packed and waiting in the hall closet. She has no idea. (again, not really)

Sep 8, 2010

Martha Stewart, my sister and me...

In 1994 I met Martha Stewart. Twice. She has no memory of meeting me. I remember her very well. I have the business card holder in the above picture to remember her by. I also have her autograph in the following picture and a story about my sister, and Martha.
Martha autographed her business card for me because I could not afford to buy her Entertaining book at the time. She was very understanding and kind.  I walked away basking in the Martha glow. Above the autograph was a phone number. During Martha's talk she told the audience that we could call her if we ever had a question about gardening or cooking or anything craft related. So one night my sister and her best friend were sharing a bottle of wine.

Conversation turned to Martha.

The discussion centered around Martha's astrological sign.

A debate ensued.

 Opinions differed and wine flowed.

 Martha's business card was whipped out of the handy business card holder and the phone number listed on the card was dialed lickety- split. The time difference was not considered. It was late. And three hours later where Martha lives. Martha had told us at the event that she only sleeps about four hours a night and leaves her light on with a note pad and pencil next to her bed in the event she gets a good idea in the middle of the night and needs to write it down. In my sister and her friend's defense I must say the number they were dialing was believed to be an office number. My sister and her pal thought they would leave a message and hope for an answer in return. Turns out it was Martha's home phone number and she answered at two in the morning as chipper and lively as if it were the middle of the day. My sister was bolstered by a little vino and felt quite bold. She also really needed to know Martha's sign.

So she asked.

Martha playfully answered, "What do you think I am?"

My sister responded with " Scorpio?"

and Martha said,

 "Wrong!" in a sing-song voice, and then said, "I'm a Leo!"

 My sister said, "Of course you are! I should have known!"

 Martha then asked my sister if she had a cooking or planting or craft question for her. My sister said no and then went on to say she was just a nutty California girl who wanted to win a bet. Martha laughed. My sister thanked her for her time and wished her a good night. Martha wished her the same. A few months went by and Martha came back to our neck of the woods and gave a little talk at a fancy garden center by the beach. I met her for a second time. I sort of followed her around the garden center while the owner gave her a tour of the place. I was early for the event and she was too and I didn't want to sit in the hot sun so I tagged along a few paces behind them and eavesdropped while Martha and the owner talked flowers.  She knew what she was talking about. I didn't have a clue. She spoke of flowers and planting and other garden related issues. I do not have a green thumb. I didn't tell her. I pretended to be a garden gal like all the other people there that day even if all I really cared about was where she bought the fabulous cornflower blue suit she was wearing and who did her hair.  And that's my story about Martha Stewart, my sister and me.