Apr 30, 2008

Not that kind of hash...

The first meal I ever made for the husband consisted of the following ingredients:Start with some processed cheese. It also doubles as fish bait in a pinch. Buy lots of it. It lasts forever and has an expiration date some time in the next century. I think that's because it's real, imitation yellow something. I don't want to know.Buy a pack of hamburger buns. Mine looked like the picture above except there were more. Lots more. In fact, they were the kind you buy at Costco and can feed a small village with.
Get a few onions. I chopped up a couple (ten) onions and cried a few tears.

A can of this stuff, or more if you like the musical fruit and...
A giant can, or 10 cans for a $1.00 of this stuff.
Hungry yet?
In my house we called these Hash Burgers. My husband had a different name for them. I can't write that name because I will be kicked out of the blogging community if I do.
I got the recipe from my Dad. I should have known better. My Dad liked to mix Snappy Tom, (or V8) Beer, Tabasco sauce, and lots of salt for a tasty after dinner drink.
I made the Hash Burgers for the two of us. I made too much for the two of us. I had to mix the ingredients in a trash can. My Dad forgot to tell me to cut the recipe for feeding an army down to two people.
We ate Hash Burgers for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for a week and then more the following week. We had Hash Burgers, Hash Burgers, and more Hash Burgers until one day the husband said, " Do you know how to make anything else?"
I burst into tears and ran crying from the kitchen. I saw that on TV once and had always wanted to try it.
The husband told me that he thought the Hash Burgers were poisoning him. He wasn't used to processed food. He kindly said, "I don't ever want to eat another Hash Burger as long as we are married to one another, or for the rest of my life." I decided I wanted to stick around to see which one came first. I'm still waiting.
A couple months ago he brought up that first meal I made and told our kids, "The Hash Burger Story". He must have gotten a little too nostalgic about it and said, "Why don't you make it for our kids."
I sweetly responded, "Why would I want to poison the kids?"
Some of the events in this story are true. Some are not. I really made The Hash Burgers. I made too many Hash Burgers. We ate them for two weeks straight. I did not try to poison the husband. I love him.

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