May 2, 2008

Have you seen my Poochie?

That's me.

That log cabin on the right used to belong to my family.

Something is missing in this picture.

It's POOCHIE, my beloved gray teddy bear who went everywhere with me.

This was the last place I ever saw my Poochie again.

This was also the place where I realized that my parents did not love me. What parent allows their kid to name their stuffed toy bear, Poochie?

One minute he was on my sled with me sliding down the hill and the next he was gone. We looked for him for hours, or maybe ten minutes, if you ask me, but then again, I was a kid and minutes could seem like hours sometimes.

My Mother told me that a mother bear probably came down to our cabin and took him to live with her when I was walking up the hill in this picture.

Do you see a bear in this picture?

Do you see a bear wandering off in this picture? Do you see any bear tracks? Do you think my Father would stand there taking my picture as I trudge up a hill with my sled if a bear was creeping up behind me to steal my Poochie? Do you think I might have maybe heard the bear as it quietly snuck up on me to take my Poochie?

Hey wait a minute...what's that pile at the top of the picture between the house and the trees? Does that look like bear poop to you? Hmm...

An open letter to the mother bear who has my Poochie.

Dear Mother Bear, (if you want to call yourself that) I prefer Poochie Poacher,

I hope you and my Poochie are happy.

Poochie's Real Mother

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