Apr 14, 2008

As if my fear of flying wasn't enough...

Most people who know me know I have a flying phobia.

I now have a new fear --- dining in an open air restaurant---thanks to--- Dinner in the Sky.

One day I could be sitting in an outdoor cafe enjoying my espresso and croissant and minding my own beeswax while watching the world go by ... when... suddenly... the entire restaurant launches into the sky - high above the clouds - hung by a hook - attached to a crane - that swings me around while I try and keep my food on the plate and keep my drink from spilling in my lap. I will also need to try and "hold it" for as long as I can since I don't see a bathroom anywhere nearby...Maybe there's a "Toilet in the Sky" and that's included in the deluxe package. The standard package probably comes with a 24 pack of Depends.

I wonder if forks and knives are allowed? Maybe they are strapped to your hands with Velcro. Or is it strictly finger food in case you accidentally drop a utensil? Look out below...someone dropped their fork.

So for now... I will be dining at home, and whenever I go out to eat, I'm going to check first to see if there's a crane anywhere nearby and if the restaurant has a hook on it's rooftop.

Dinner in the sky....check please!

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