Apr 10, 2008

Big things come in small packages...

I found this picture of my first day of parochial school. It was all downhill after that... I'm the little one on the right. Frick n' Frack on the left are my two older sisters. The one on the far left is my best friend...the one in the middle, not so much...I have permanent scars to prove it. There's a little brother too, but he wasn't born yet, so he wasn't able to pose for this picture. You can tell a lot about our personalities from this picture. For instance, you can tell that my oldest sister on the far left is a perfectionist. Her uniform is perfectly pressed and her buttoned to the neck sweater looks like it's new while the other sister and I are wearing her hand-me-down sweaters and skirts and we look like the poor relations. The two older sisters have some serious briefcases by their feet while I am holding my mother's portfolio...I think she just wanted me to feel important and snatched it back after the picture was taken. I guess when you enter first grade you only need your two hands to carry those important first day of school documents home. In my case, the teacher pinned all the papers I was to take home that day to my chest with straight pins. I think that's illegal in most states now.

We are apparently five minutes away from being late to our first day of school from the looks of the beautiful Regency era clock and matching candlesticks in the background. I guess there wasn't enough time to fix our hair that morning so our mom slapped the, ever so attractive, school half-beanie on our heads and hoped for the best. I'm almost certain, now that I think about it, that the big folder I am holding is to cover up the fact that my skirt is terribly wrinkled. Oh well, I always did have trouble keeping my uniform wrinkle free, clean, and straight. Come to think of it, I think this is the best I ever looked that year.
Thanks Mom.

Big things really do come in small packages. I grew up to be the tallest girl in my family. I also have the biggest feet, but that's another story for another time.
...and by the way...I made that fireplace with the leftover stone and mud from the planter I made for the pony picture...I was handy like that.

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