Apr 3, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous post...I am obsessed with Pioneer Woman and have made one or two of her many recipes at least every day this week. I have made 3 batches of "Oatmeal Crispies" in 2 days.

Yesterday I decided to beef up the cookies and add some extras. I added the standard chocolate chips to half of one batch and to the other I added raisins and one other ingredient.

The husband was sampling the cookies and proclaimed that he liked the ones with raisins and "toenails" added to the mix.

I thanked him and beaming proudly told him that it was a very difficult process collecting all those toenail clippings for a simple batch of cookies and I hoped he appreciated the effort.

I hope he didn't see the empty bag of shredded coconut in the trash...that would ruin everything!

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