Apr 1, 2008

What's that?

One of my least favorite things to do as a librarian is shelving books. To make it a pleasant experience I listen to audio books. A few years ago I purchased the entire "Outlander" series by my most favorite author, Diana Gabaldon on CD's.

This was before the advent of ebooks and downloads.

I bought the equivalent of a super-fruity fanny pack to hold my CD player and a set of headphones to listen to my audio books and block out the rest of the world as I entered the world of Jamie and Claire and their adventures.

One day a teacher came in to talk to me and thought I was listening to music on my CD player and asked me why I didn't have an iPod instead.

I told him I was listening to audio books so he named my CD player, which is the dinosaur of iPod's a, "Wide Pod" instead.

To the kids at school my "Wide Pod" is the equivalent to lugging around a record player in my day instead of a transistor radio.

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