Apr 28, 2008

Put another candle on your birthday cake...

Another interesting birthday picture and a few observations.

One giant taper placed in the middle of a cake is the reason I have no idea how old I am.

I see 6 people in this picture and an enormous stack of paper plates, and 2 boxes of forks on the table. It must have been a surprise party. Surprise, no one is coming!

My son needs to wash his arm. It's turning green.

I think this was a Friday because the kids are eating Popsicles. I always serve Popsicles for dinner on Friday, but only the ones with real fruit in them.

There is no furniture in this house. I had to kneel on the floor for this picture.

I like to call that face I'm making in the picture my Glamour Shots pose.

I'm pretty sure that thing at the top of the picture is the Birthday Fairy waiting to grant my every wish.

I love birthdays, and even more than that I love strange birthday pictures.

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