May 23, 2008


What is wrong with this picture?

I'd say, just about everything.

Why is there a potholder tied to my head?

I'm pretty sure it's proof that I was not my parent's favorite kid after all.

What is wrong with my arms? The right one looks like I'm getting ready to salute. The left one looks dead.

Actually, my mother made that dress for me and didn't finish in time. The right side is held together with straight pins. The left side is held together by my stiff arm. The back is completely missing.

It's a good thing my ears are covered.

Under those gloves are paws. My mother was good at hiding them.

Those plants behind me are snapdragons.

They were my only friends.

That avocado tree in the background was not my friend.

One time I threw a few avocados like they were hand grenades over that fence in the picture. My aim was good. They crashed right through all three of the neighbors windows.

My mother cried.

My dad wanted to sell me.

Not really.

My mother didn't cry that day.

She cried a week later when no one answered the "Child for Sale" ad.


DewdropDream said...

hahahaha!! How on EARTH do you come up with such retorts!!! You're marvellous and I wish you lived near me so I could see and hear more of this stuff for myself every single day!!

Romi said...

Thanks! My mind is full of "ridiculous thoughts".