May 5, 2008

Mom and Pop...

Those are my parents.

The one on the right is my dad. My mom liked to call him, "Dickie Bird" and other assorted names.

Names I can't write on this blog or I will get kicked out.

It looks like Dickie Bird was way ahead of his time. He has the beginnings of a "Flock Of Seagulls" hairdo.

The one on the left is my mom. My dad liked to call her, "Jesus, Rose!", "Dammit Rose!" or, my personal favorite, "You're killin' me Rose!"

Over the years her name was shortened and we now refer to her as, "JRo".

What do you think of JRo's hair?

It was styled by, "Jiffy Pop".

Do you know what they are looking at, and why they look so happy?

It's Me.

Their favorite child.

Those other three kids they had -

-those were starter kids.

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Kathbob said...

You're killing me Romi! Downright scary...