May 28, 2008

Will the real Romi please stand up...

Surprise Name Change.

I went to a meeting at our district office for work today. It appears I have had a name change and I didn't know it.

My name is now Rosa.

Please refer to me by my new name.

You may be wondering how I got my new name?

I do too.

My name on the attendance sheet was correct. I checked.

The woman checking the sheet and calling out our names decided to change it.

I guess she saw my last name, which happens to be my married name, which also happens to have an ethnic ring to it, and decided to make my first name match.

She also added an 'A' to my last name. My first name and last name now rhyme thanks to her.

I raised my hand and asked her to please refer to me by my formal name, which I decided on the spur of the moment must be, Rosita.

She looked confused, checked the attendance sheet, and said, "That's not what it says here."

I said, "That's right, " and smiled sweetly. Rosa, my alter ego didn't say that, Rosita didn't say it either, the real me, Rosemary did.

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