Mar 31, 2008

Ya gotta have friends...

A kindergarten boy handed me a note today. It said, "My dad said hi."

My first thought was, "Oh boy, I have a secret admirer!"

My second thought was, "Who is your dad and how does he know me, and what in the world is your name?" (There are 600 kids at our school and I don't know all their names.)

He then told me that while his dad drove him to school today they were discussing Halloween and how they had knocked on my door for candy and his dad wanted him to tell me hello for him.

I told little kinder cub boy to say, "Hi" back to his dad for me.

Little kinder cub boy then asked me if I had any friends. I told him I had lots of friends. He asked me how many. I told him at least a hundred. He clearly wasn't impressed. He told me he only had one. The one and only friend was standing next to him and she told me that she only had one friend too and pointed at kinder cub boy. Kinder cub boy said, "You better say that!"

Then kinder cub boy cupped his little hand around his mouth as he stepped closer to my desk and whispered, "My dad's name is Paul in case you wanted to know."

"I'll keep that in mind when I'm looking for friend one hundred and one."

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