Mar 11, 2008

Words have meaning and names have power. ~Author Unknown

A conversation I had with "Smiley Face" balloon kid yesterday. He's a first grade student and I'll call him "L".

Me: I saw you at the store yesterday.

L : You did? What was I doing?

Me: You were with your Sister, and your Mom and Dad.

L : Oh...

Me: What's your sister's name?

L : Her name is Madeline, but don't call her that!

Me: Why not?

L : She doesn't like it.

Me: What does she like to be called?

L : She likes to be called something different every day.

Me: Like what?

L : Like...Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or sometimes, dog, cat, and turtle....

Me: (laughing) Why?

L : Because I like to be called different names I guess, and she's copying me.

Me : That's interesting.

L : Yes it is. You can call me, "Common House Finch" if you like, or you can just call me, "Finch".

Me: I think I'll just call you "L". What's your sisters name for today?

L : "Pig"...

Me: Of course it is.

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