Mar 7, 2008

Letters, I get letters...

From time to time I get adorable thank you notes and letters from some of the students. I thought I would share one with you. The words and spelling are copied letter for letter from the original. This is from a first grade student.

Dear Mrs. Q.,

Thank you for letting as news your books. We like youar books so much because there are so much books about stuff about tose thighs.

Love, A.

I wonder where the section in the library is that carries books about "tose thighs"...perhaps Non-Fiction?

What are "tose thighs"?

I happened to ask the student who wrote me the note what "tose thighs" meant.

She laughed and said, "You know!" and looked at me like I was silly for asking.

So, I pretended I did and thanked her graciously for her note...what else could I do? She was so convincing:-)

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Prue said...

Interesting to know.