Mar 31, 2008

Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ...

I remember trying to impress this guy on a date once with my brilliant mind. Anyone who is reading this is probably shaking their head and saying, "What kind of guy asks a girl out because he is attracted to her mind?"

I didn't know then that most men weren't interested in my intelligence.
So, I'm on this date, trying to be clever, and witty, and entertaining, so cute guy will fall hopelessly in love with me, and I blurt out the following observation while driving to our destination, "You know _ (leaving out cute guys name to protect his credibility)_ some smart people have brains!"

Yep... I said that.

I'm pretty sure that was the one and only date we ever went on. In fact I think he turned the car around right then and there and took me home. He couldn't risk having stupid children in his future.

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