Mar 5, 2010

Breakfast anyone?

It's almost time for open house again at school. The little artists are hard at work drawing pictures for their families to see. I decided to give you a small preview of what's in store for you. Can you guess the title of the first picture? It's very obvious if you ask me. It's . . . "Pancake Machine". At least that's what the 7 year old artist calls it. The second picture is a "Pancake on a Stick" employee forced to wear a ridiculous hat. The artist calls it, "Pancake Robot". I'm not so sure this student has ever eaten a pancake in his life or even seen one. Education isn't what it used to be.


Teri said...

You see, we don't often understand the brilliant minds of true artists. I'm sure that's it.

Kat said...

Oh that so reminds me of the lovely phallus errr...candle that I received from my children after a week at camp. It sits on the window sill in the kitchen above the sink. Makes a mamma proud. And it makes me giggle every time I do dishes :-)