Feb 23, 2010

Birds of a feather...

Spring has sprung early at my house... I forgot to put up a "No Vacancy" sign and a bird laid some eggs in the nest on my front door wreath. I left a rent receipt. It left bird poop.
anyone know where I can get a little bird saddle?

I call this "bird on a wire"... they don't call me the clever one for nothin'
I call this whatever I want on any given day...most of the time I just whistle at it...
I call this "Art"...because it didn't come from Target.


Teri said...

You mean...art DOESN'T come from Target.


Who's your Asian friend? I think that person has visited me lately. Hmm.

Romi said...

Some of my favorite things come from Target but art isn't one of them:)

My Asian friend's comment has been deleted. It's happened before and ended up being porn. Lovely:)