Apr 29, 2010

Lights Out...

Next time I book a room at a fancy hotel I won't ask for extra towels. I'll ask for extra light bulbs. Light bulbs that have more light in them than one little firefly. This is the room my sister and I stayed in last weekend. Can you see her? All the lights are on.
We took the black lampshade off the center light so I could take this picture of my sister getting ready to go to bed. It was too cold to go swimming so she is diving into her bed instead. The beds in this hotel cater to giants. I counted 4 mattresses. There may have been more but I'll never know because I'm a product of "all I really need to know I learned in kindergarten." I did a triple dismount worthy of the Olympic Games every time I launched myself off the bed. By Sunday I was so good at it that I took a flying leap and bounced off my sister's bed right into the bathroom scoring a 9.5 with the judges, otherwise known as the people in the room below us who thought they were experiencing "The Big One!" a California earthquake. Next time I'm bringing my miner's cap, a ladder and a chalk bucket to chalk up my hands for a better grip on the bedpost so I can score a perfect 10.

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