Mar 13, 2009

A small glimpse of life with my husband, the funny one . . .

I was at the mall with my daughter. A weekly occurrence.

Hubby was at home relaxing. A daily occurrence.

We are attending a wedding next weekend and my daughter and I have been marathon shopping for dresses. I found my dress on the first try. My daughter tried harder. In fact she was trying on dress #264 while I sat on the couch outside the dressing room texting my husband. I quit trying to find the right dress for her at dress #263.

The following text message conversation between the hubby and I took place:

Me: I am at the mall...what a surprise!

Hubby: Surprise! I am loafing at home.

Me: Loaf away!

Hubby: It's a one knows I like being at home.

Me: It's called agoraphobia.

Hubby: In Spanish a gorra is a hat or condom. I do not have a fear of either.

Me: :-)

the end...


Teri said...

You gotta love the private texting thing with the hubby. :-)

Swirl Girl said...

I am with your husband...I'd rather be at home alone while the rest of the world fears hats and condoms.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Romi, thanks for visiting me, but since this post is not about Spring fluffing, I'm going to have to take it down from the party link. Hope you'll come back again!