Mar 5, 2009

Not the Erie Canal or the Panama Canal...

I'm having a root canal tomorrow morning. Wish it wasn't so. I went to a dentist many moons ago who wasn't so great at what he did. I am slowly correcting those mistakes. He put a crown on my back molar instead of on my head where it truly belongs. He treated that crown like it was a dental time capsule. He put every type of dental filling, super-glue, cement and amalgam possible in one little tooth and then covered it in gold. I call it my pirate tooth. Fortunately it can't be seen by the common house fly or man.

Yesterday my dentist removed the crown and lo and behold found another mystery to be solved by Geraldo Rivera, or not. He was so fascinated by what he saw he called in his assistants and people off the street to look in my mouth. I had no say in the matter. My mouth was numb and my jaw was locked. I couldn't close it if I wanted to. I have a miracle molar that has survived all these years with some Silly Putty and Doublemint gum holding it together and now I am honoring its survival skills with a root canal. I hope it's happy about that. I also hope it appreciates the arm and leg it will cost to fix it. I will miss them.


Swirl Girl said...

second to , oh I don't know - having bamboo shoots shoved into my eyeballs - I am terrified of root canal.

I go to dentist (cuz he's a cutie BTW) twice a year. Had 3 cavities (at my age??) and 3 crowns last year.

Bring your IPOD and ask for some serious drugs.

good luck sweetie!

Capt. Hook said...


Be brave, me matey!

Swirl Girl said...

How'd it go??

Romi said...

Hey Swirl Girl,
Thanks for asking. I'll be back at the endodontist in 2 weeks for another try at it. Looks like my old dentist was trying to create fossils instead of preserve teeth in my mouth. Too much calcification or something like that so I have to see another specialist. It didn't hurt and my husband says half my face looks younger due to a swollen cheek. I'm only presenting that side of my face tonight when we meet with friends for dinner. The other half needs to be in the shadows. Won't they be jealous...or think I turned into the elephant man.

Candid Carrie said...

You should have asked a few celebrities to advocate to save your miracle molar. Forget Africa and who ever has those Malaria issues (or is that in Africa?) ... we need George Clooney and Anne Curry to show up in your dentist's office. This is an outrage!

Other's streets we've been paving
We are throwing money away
Here's a tooth that's worth saving
Growing stronger every day

Save the molar
(Romi's molar)
Save the molar
(Romi's molar)

Stuckmann out