Apr 11, 2009

Happy Easter . . .

You are never too old to take pictures with the Easter Rat. He uses his ears like arms to hug the ladies.
Aren't these beautiful? They came from a bakery named, "Some Crust".
These came from a day of making my sister slave over a hot oven. I'm particularly fond of the blue icing.
They taste amazing.
I made these party favors for my guests. It's all about the candy.
I found this nest in my yard. If those eggs hatch, Easter is ruined, my table decoration is ruined, and I will be really grossed out.

Do you leave refreshments for the Easter Bunny? This year I'm leaving him a note with the keys to my liquor cabinet. I drank everything while preparing the Easter feast for my family. I need to blame someone. He won't mind. I'm sure he's sick of carrots anyway.
Happy Easter everyone! One more thing...
... I can't leave without showing you these. These are bunny faces. I can't stop making them. Or eating them.
My sister can't stop making these gingerbread candy houses. Does anyone know of a Gingerbread Rehab group? I would love to drop this off on Monday so they can eat it during snack time.


Teri said...

Our Easter Bunny was wanting a margarita but there was no tequila in the house. Or so I heard.

Kath said...

I love the decorations and cookies. It all looks so beautiful.