Oct 13, 2008

Party On . . .

We had a birthday bash for my baby.
That's her. She just read the sign on our pantry door. I told her to come back tomorrow, or when she was 21...whichever comes first.

It'll be a while.

I love that sign . . . everyone just misses free beer by one day. If they say they will come back tomorrow for the free beer, I forget to answer the door.

These are her friends. They looked a little concerned about the food.
This cool cat is married to my favorite sister. I kinda like him a lot too. To quote one of the other guests at the party when he saw him, "Look at that guy! That shirt and that hat says - I came to party!" Actually the guy threw in a few swear words that I can't write here for emphasis on just how cool my brother-in-law is. Security showed him the way out. Party on.

It was a quiet little gathering until . . .

. . . the beer pong tournament started. Someone swiped all the food off the counter when I wasn't looking and brought out the plastic cups and ping pong balls. I wiped the floor with the competition. I was the champ. The winner. The victor. Number one. Numero uno.

Not really.

I don't even like beer.

But, if you come back tomorrow, it's free!


Kat said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love that island. We have this long narrow kitchen - where everything that I need is on the opposite end of wherever I am.

I'll be back tomorrow :-)

Candid Carrie said...

Hi - I was here yesterday. I am back for the free beer today. Card me, I dare you.

I love your kitchen and it bothers me that you have an island. It bothers me more that you have an island with a sink. It bothers me even more that you have a kitchen that is large enough to hold an island with a sink.

And don't bother telling me how you deserve it because their are nuns that took a vow of poverty and they have nothing but holy cards to use as tiny fans while you probably have ceiling fans AND air conditioning.

Do you know how many pagans could live on your kitchen island? Pretty many if you stacked them up!

Alright, and the two girls in the hot pink ... did they plan that?

And where was my invitation. I could have brought her a bookmarker with a picture of her patron saint. By the way, were her sponsors there?

Love, Carrie

buffalodick said...

Our last chili cook-off booth was next to a chef representing a beer distributor promoting Leinenkugel Octoberfest... Apparently, there is such a thing as free beer!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I WANT SOME OF THAT FOOD! Wow. Looks absolutely divine!

1 time Beer Pong Champ said...

Who's dumb idea was it to put a sink in the middle of a beer pong table? Love the cool kat with the dog shirt though!!!

Tanya said...

Looks like a great time for a great girl! Everything looks great!

Jeannie Inabotal said...

Rowr! Party guy is hot!