Aug 5, 2008

On The Road Again . . .

We did some more sightseeing today on our vacation in Arizona.

That's a rock formation. In case you weren't sure.

That's a "Pickle Farm".

It wasn't kosher, so we kept on driving.

This is my sister-in-law.

She hid her "Big Earl Burger" in her big hair right before I took this picture.

She's posing at a roadside hamburger stand.

I told her those shoes would scream tourist, but she wouldn't listen.

This is the Spider-Man Stagecoach.

It's not half as cool today, as it was yesterday, when I was sitting at the bar staring at it for a couple of hours.

I sang the Spider-Man song just loud enough for the entire bar to hear.

I wanted to see if anyone else noticed what I noticed, without seeming like I was being too obvious.

The bartender cut me off.

I think the artist is a relative of his.

Darn those root beer floats.

They get me in trouble every time.

Come back tomorrow and see the cast of characters who joined me on vacation.


CATHY said...

Look at those darn electric lines in the middle of a pickle farm and beautiful mountains. Looks like fun. I need a vaca...

only a movie said...

Road trips are always fun for these reasons... looks like a good time!

lyngweeny said...

You went to Big Earl Burger???

I'll take the Big Earl burger, the Biggie Earl fries, and the Biggiest Earl root beer andfjky I'll pay you back, OK?

lyngweeny said...

P.S. ignore the fjky, I had that yesterday.

Kat said...

I am loving your road trip. I want to go to the South West. And see the pickle farms. We all despise pickles here. And whenever my kids want to know what we are going to do, I tell them we are going to the Pickle farm. And now I'll have a picture to show them!

Weith Kick said...

If you go through Phoenix beware of the heat. During the summer months is runs an average of between 105-110 degrees.

Mamahut said...

Dang that rootbeer! Gets my kids in trouble a lot.

lyngweeny said...

Thank goodness Keith Wick clued you in to the possibility of heat in Arizona in you weren't expecting that this time of year.