Aug 8, 2008

My Sister's House . . .

Welcome to my sister's house.

If you are not a solicitor come on in and take a look around.

If you are a solicitor keep knocking and ringing the doorbell until someone answers.

This bowling ball is in her garden.

It is too heavy to carry three more feet to the front door.

That's my sister.

That's her front door.

She likes it when I pull one of those sticks out of the pot and bang on her front door instead of ringing the doorbell when I visit.

She really likes it when I poke her with it when she opens the door.

She likes it even better when I throw it across the street like a javelin.

She thinks it's hilarious when I use one of those sticks to pole vault over her house and let myself in through the back door.

This is the inside of my sister's fireplace.

A fire has never burned here.

Her husband is a Fireman.

We call him Smokey.

There are no fires on his watch.

This is a corner of my sister's dressing room.

Those angel wings on the chandelier are real.

They come from her days as a Victoria's Secret model.

She wears them everywhere.

This is her troll collection.

She says they remind her of me.

This is her laundry room.

It is for decorative purposes only and is too pretty to use.

It shows her sweet side.

This is her downstairs guest bathroom.

It shows her naughty side.

Those framed pictures are covers of Playboy magazines.

Men go in there and stay forever.

I prefer to use the bathroom upstairs with the framed covers of Playgirl magazines.

Men never go in there.

It's my favorite bathroom and it's not because of the framed man candy.

It's because the toilet seat is always down.

The end.


CATHY said...

Oh that's so funny, my bf has tons of old bowling balls and I want to put them in the flowerbeds. He thinks I am crazy. I will have to show him this. I wanted to make a pyamid out of them. I like the playgirl idea..

lyngweeny said...

How did you get in? Did you bribe the guard again? He's so fired.

Swirl Girl said...

your sister is so...coolly craftsy? I have not one inch of craftiness in my whole self. ask my kids, they even say I can't roll a play doh ball to save my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi cousin, nice to see your busy..
what an enjoyable site, I look reading even a big Hello from Northern NY
If you can't figure out who I am ask Richie..
Love and best wishes..

Kandace said...

Freaking hilarious. Next time you Javelin, call me. I want to learn so I can perfect my breaking and entering skillz!

Teri said...

Your sister looks like a lot of fun. And I'm with you with the pole vaulting thing. How can you resist???

lyngweeny said...

Hey, I just saw someone fly over the roof of my house. I think it was Teri. I called the harbor patrol to fish her out of the marina.

lyngweeny said...

Attention: Any broken windows or other damage that occurs as a result of the javelin throw is the sole responsibility of the throwee ( that means you, RM, and all your blogging buddies!) Our home owners association is threatening legal action after the mayhem of your last visit.

only a movie said...

What a fun house!! :-D

Judy Haley (coffeejitters) said...

The other night I woke up to a scream from the bathroom. It turns out that Mr. H forgot to put the seat down and for once, he used it again before I got to it.

I fell back asleep smiling

Weith Kick said...

I like that downstairs bathroom. And not for the obvious reasons. Those framed Playboys look good. Thanks for the tour of your sister's house.

Kat said...

I agree about laundry rooms. They should just be admired. But the playboy covers. That is too funny.