Mar 9, 2014

Random thoughts...

I was born and raised in California, yet I swear I am a Southern girl at heart. Does living in Southern California count as being a girl from the South? 

I love Mexican food so much, until I actually eat it, then I don't like it so much. Maybe it's the chips and salsa I like so much, or the guacamole; not so much the heavy refried beans and rice and all that cheese. I'm allergic to cheese. I have no business eating Mexican food! I still think I love it...

I'm not that crazy about eating green food unless it's a vegetable. I do not like green eggs and ham...or food dyed green for St. Patty's day. Speaking of colored food...I really don't like red velvet cake. It's chocolate cake with red food coloring that makes it look a little like dark blood cake. Eew! 

I - L.O.V.E.- chocolate. See's please! 

I don't like hamburgers. I know! It's so un-American! I try! If I have to have one because my family wants to go to In-N-Out I will replace the hamburger patty with French fries. You should try it. It's like being a really unhealthy vegetarian. 

I don't like ice-cream. I'm a freak! It tastes hot and chalky to me.  It makes my mouth feel dry and I can't drink enough water to quench my thirst if I do have some because I think I may like it if I try it just one more time.'s gross. I'm lactose intolerant too. I have no business eating dairy products. 

Have I mentioned, I love chocolate! It's a food group in my mind and sits in the most important position on my personal food pyramid. At the top! 

I don't have a middle name. My mom said it was too hard to think of one. I am named after her. My birthday is the day after hers. What a gift! My dad thought it would be a good idea to name me after my mom. She wanted me to have a very different name. I'm glad I had a dad who didn't think that name was a good idea. It would not have fit with my last name or the names my sisters and parents and brother had. Imagine your sisters names are, Kathy and Susie, and your parents are, Bob and Betty, and your brother is, Chip, and your name is, Francesca. Yep! My mom wanted to name me that. It's a perfectly lovely name. It doesn't go with the flow of names in my family though. It really didn't match my last name at all. My mom didn't want to name me after her so my dad added a second name and combined them. I had a very long name when I was a child. I guess my mom did me a favor by not adding a middle name. I would still be here today filling out Valentine cards for my second grade classmates if that was the case. I didn't really like my name growing up but I do now. It's growing on me. 

I love romance novels. They make me happy. 

I love the color blue. Very much. My house has lots of blue and white in the decor. It makes me happy. I also love country French design mixed with traditional. It's so pretty. 

I love to bake and cook. My kitchen is a happy place in my house. Baking is a stress reliever for me. It provides instant gratification and something delicious at the same time. It also makes more of me to love...I need to learn how to make healthier food. If only it tasted as good as sugar does. "Buddy the Elf" would love an invitation to my house. I have all his favorite food groups in my pantry. 

I am the third girl in my family. My husband is the third boy in his family. Number four in my family is a boy and in his family it's a girl. My husband and I are born 40 days apart. Both our parents are the same astrological signs. Our dad's are Gemini's, and our mom's are Leo's. We call ourselves the forgotten children because once my brother and his sister were born we were left to our own devices. They were so happy to have something different after three of the same. My husband and I love being the third kid. We got away with a lot because we were easy going and entertainers in our families. 

I was a human remote when I was a child. My job was to sit next to the television and change channels. It was before remote controls came into existence. I was pretty fast at it. Then again, there were only a few channels to flip through back then. I'm not much of a TV watcher. I think it has something to do with my "job" as a child. I only saw programs from the side view while sitting next to the TV. I lost interest quickly when I could only hear the show instead of watch it because I had to be ready to flip channels during commercials. I think that's a good thing. 

I love to read. It's my favorite thing to do. I can't go to sleep at night unless I read until I fall asleep. 

I have an obsessive personality. If I take an interest in something I will find out everything I can about the subject until I exhaust all resources or get sick of it. I do that with food too. If I like something I will eat it until I can't stand it and won't ever eat it again once I have reached my limit. One summer my brother ate nothing but hot dogs every day while I ate Top Ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I haven't had it again since that summer of my youth. I wish that was the case with chocolate. I will never get tired of eating it. I have some every day. It is my favorite. 

My husband doesn't like sweets. He also doesn't like to read. Weird. But he likes me, so that makes up for his lack of a sweet tooth or interest in reading. 

I play pool, skateboard, and drive as a lefty. I do everything else
as a righty. I didn't know I did the first three things as a lefty until it was pointed out to me by others. I thought it was normal. I tried to switch hands and feet but it doesn't feel right. 

I played the piano for seven years when I was a kid. I was awful at it. I can still play one song from a recital all those years ago. It's called, Doll's Dream.

I loved playing with dolls when I was a little girl. I never had a Barbie doll. Only dolls. I cut the hair on my Pebbles doll once thinking it would grow back. It didn't and she looked so frightfully awful I kept a cap on her head after that. I played with dolls until the fifth grade. My best friend did too. I think I was a geek. 

I am an outgoing introvert.  I'm a shy extrovert. I'm my own oxymoron. 

And that's it for my list of random thoughts and things...


lynngweeny said...

And here I thought I knew everything about green food and drives as a lefty....hmmmm...valuable insights.

Katie Clooney said...

Romi... I'm with you on mexican food and chocolate. Love the human remote - Did I really grow up in a clicker free world? So funny! Have a great weekend.

Mary Kay said...

You are weird. We need to get together!!!