Sep 25, 2013

This is Halloween...

 I'm back...I can't believe it's been an entire year since I last posted. I have time now to blog so I will post more often. 
Fall is my favorite time of year and this little guy is from this amazing place: in Corona Del Mar, California.
They have a spectacular Halloween Boutique every year.
This year the theme is Night Gallery. 
It is the perfect place to get in the mood for Halloween. 
This is my Fall mantel this year. 
I was inspired by my visit to Roger's Gardens and found the sinister portrait in the center of the mirror to use as the centerpiece of my decorations. It was waiting for me to find it at a local thrift shop for $4.00. The little white pumpkin was a $1.00 at the same store. The Federal Mirror was at another thrift shop for $12.99 and I had to get it! I have been looking for one for quite some time. My sister found it for me. It was perfect for this space. The candle sconces were from another thrift shopping adventure a few years ago. They were $2.00 a piece. I spray painted them in a taupe shade and hung them to balance the mirror. I made the flower arrangements with faux flowers and added the bows to tie in the Autumn theme. The pumpkin girl sitting in the chair is from Home Goods and the pumpkins were too. Those were purchased two years ago. I added a small garland of colored leaves to the mirror to finish the look. 
 This is my "Ode to Cinderella"and can be found on my front entry table. I usually have a velvet slipper displayed inside the pumpkin carriage but I switch it out every Fall to this little wonder. I added the creepy mice this year. I usually put them on the steps of my staircase where my daughter's boyfriend likes to take them and hide them in different places in our house. It scares my husband. He thinks they are real. Mice and rats are not his thing. For the record we have never had mice or rats in our house.  My husband grew up in the big city where there were one or two of them from time to time strolling alongside him as he walked home from school in the snow. Not really. It doesn't snow where we live. Ever. 
I wish it did.
My sister gave me this cute Boo thingy. I don't know what to call it but I like it. 


lynngweeny said...

I forgot I gave you that boo thingy...I want it back. ;-)

Mary Kay said...

Yay for Roger's!!