Sep 12, 2010

Sew Blue...

 My sister and I made those blue drapes in the dining room. I decided that using a toile tablecloth to make them was a brilliant idea. It is if you can find enough of them. I did not. It made me think of math class in high school. It would have been a good idea to pay attention. I did not. Fortunately for me my sister did. She saved the day.

She helped me make these curtains too. I got to hold the tape measure. She got to read it. I guess the difference between one half and five eighths of an inch is significant sometimes.

I did not upholster these chairs. I do not have the patience nor the skills. I sold a child to get them. (not really)

I made these drapes on my own. A rectangle shape is manageable. Using a glue gun to attach the fringe is even more manageable. I expect a call from my sister immediately after she reads this. I told her I sewed the fringe on with invisible thread.

Nothing to sew here. So I have decided this has to be my favorite spot in the house. My sister helped me here too. This Cinderella slipper and coach is located in the foyer. If Prince Charming shows up we are ready. I have my daughter's bags packed and waiting in the hall closet. She has no idea. (again, not really)


Teri said...

Any time it becomes necessary to use my math skills, I just lay down until the feeling passes. It's worked so far.

Romi said...

Math is not my thing! Reading is!