Jan 22, 2010

My marriage in a nutshell...

The following is an email I sent to my husband who is out of the country right now.

I am not.

To whom it may concern,

Houston we have a problem...

Remember the other day when I pointed at the entry wall and said it looked a little funny? Well, when the housekeeper came today she walked in and said, "Holy Guacamole! Look at your wall!"

I was right! There is something wrong....we have a leak and the wall bubbled up under the stairs in the front entry area...It looks like a balloon got trapped between the wall and the paint. It's creeping down the hallway going toward the laundry room and under the upstairs landing.

It does not match our decor.

It is not pretty.

I do not like it.

Until you get back I will take showers in the downstairs bathroom or not at all...

Hopefully it's not the crapper and I fall through the ceiling one day while I'm minding my own business...that would be hilarious don't you think? :)

How are you? Enjoying Paradise while I hold up the house by sticking my thumb in the hole that used to be a wall?...ha ha.....

The fun never ends when you stay home...

Our son took out the trash cans last night in the monsoon when he got home from work without me even asking..good thing..cause the trash man came today. Guess Martin Luther King Jr. Day doesn't warrant that big of a holiday...trash people still have to work. Apparently only people who work in banks and post offices are worthy.

Well, that's all that's happening in our neck of the woods...

Have fun...don't worry about us...we are building an ark and will test it out in the yard which used to have a pool...now it's a lake. The rain is still as strong as ever..it looks like nighttime during the day. It's pitch black right now as I look out the library window...cool and creepy at the same time. The kids are carrying flashlights to get to the library. It's an adventure...or Armageddon...not really sure yet.

Saw Dr. Love yesterday. She had great advice for me...I am trying to remember it today. Took me a while to get home. The freeways were flooded in spots. I listened to Raw Dog and Blue Collar comedy on the radio...essentially I laughed all the way home as I gripped the wheel trying to stay on the road. People were driving very carefully...only one idiot flew past in a monster truck...probably had to go to the bathroom. Everyone else was careful. Didn't see any major accidents and wasn't in any major accident. All is quiet on the Western Front.

Well, gotta go...time to switch thumbs.

love ya the mostest...
Your wife - who isn't the toastiest right now....a little wet and loving it! You really are missing a great storm..and that is no exaggeration. I swear...well, actually I don't, but that's for another day and another email...:)

After pouring out my heart in the above email I received the following response from my husband:

call me.

it is only a penny a minute.

A man of few words, married to a woman of many. Opposites attract and we certainly did.


Swirl Girl said...

this rain sucks! I just posted today (about a minute ago) that we, too, have a leak! My words to my husband were equally as many but not half as nice as yours...LOL

did you call him??

Romi said...

I did call him.

Everyone I know has a leak in their house. Don't think California houses were made to withstand the elements...like a little rain. We actually have 2 leaks now. Hopefully the house is still standing when he gets back.

buffalodick said...

Import a Michigan builder next time! We have to withstand snow and rain! Besides, builders here could use the work!