Feb 5, 2009

About me...

Ages ago I skipped over doing the 100 things about me post when I reached a 100 posts. I'll post some random stuff today.

1. I like to make people laugh. It makes me happy to know I have made someone else happy.
2. I love the idea of making something crafty.
3. I'm not so great at the actual making of it.
4. The best things I ever made were my kids.
5. My husband helped a little.
6. Due to his help...the kids look exactly like him.
7. I'm glad.
8. I love the color blue.
9. I try to like other colors but it just doesn't work like that for me.
10. I always go back to blue.
11. I don't get blue very often.
12. I suck it up and move on.
13. One foot in front of the other.
14. Never say die.
15. It makes me persistent.
16. I don't give up easily.
17. Even when I probably should.
18. That might mean I'm a little pesky too.
19. You'd have to ask my sister about that.
20. She's my best friend as well as my sister.
21. She is incredibly creative and artistic.
22. I love everything she does.
23. It is amazing.
24. I'm her #1 fan.
25. I make her laugh.
26. It brings me joy.
27. I have a dry wit.
28. She gets it.
29. I love to bake.
30. My lemon squares are my signature dish.
31. I live to perfect the chocolate chip cookie.
32. I'm pretty close to doing that.
33. I think I like eggs, but I don't.
34. I think I like popcorn, but I don't.
35. The first couple pieces go down easy and then one kernel gets stuck in my teeth and I wish I brought floss with me to the movies. That kernel bugs me for the entire movie.
36. I can be obsessive.
37. If I like something I learn everything I can about it.
38. As proof you can ask me anything you like about Princess Diana.
39. Or the Regency Era
40. Or my family and things they have said.
41. I have an excellent memory.
42. Most of the time.
43. I love to read.
44. Voraciously
45. I average a few books a week.
46. I am writing a book.
47. It's a romance novel.
48. Set in Regency times.
49. I am halfway through writing it.
50. Sometimes I think it's great.
51. Sometimes I think it's crap.
52. My sister is my biggest fan and encourages me to continue.
53. I will persevere.
54. I have two friends from high school days.
55. I love them both dearly.
56. - 62. The awkward years...
63. I can't say the "F" word.
64. It seems really crude and ugly and unladylike.
65. My husband doesn't swear.
66. I like that about him.
67. Sometimes he will swear to be funny, but just with me.
68. I don't like to fly.
69. I get motion sickness.
70. It sucks.
71. The last time I flew was 2 years ago.
72. I got sick.
73. I swore it was my last flight.
74. I feel like a loser because I don't fly.
75. I could go anywhere I like if I did fly.
76. I wish I could just beam myself to another place in an instant.
77. I think about it a lot.
78. It makes me feel like I'm not cultured enough.
79. The last time I was out of the country was 10 years ago.
80. I went to Costa Rica.
81. My husband is from there.
82. It was beautiful.
83. My kids and husband go back often.
84. I don't speak Spanish.
85. My husband does.
86. My kids do.
87. I understand it completely.
88. I sound like I am speaking Pig Latin whenever I try to say anything.
89. Most of my conversations with my mother-in-law have been mimed and mute with a lot of facial expressions, wide eyes and lots of exaggerated eyebrow movement.
90. She loves me.
91. I don't argue with her.
92. I can't.
93. I have never seen it snow.
94. I want to be a published author.
95. I listen to talk radio. Music brings out too much emotion for me.
96. I could live in a bookstore.
97. I am fascinated by people from the past.
98. Right now it's the Lennox family.
99. They have an interesting history.
100. So do I.

Anything else you'd like to know about me?


buffalodick said...

You've never seen it snow? Just rent the video, the real thing sucks!

lynnqweeny said...

Here are a few random things about my sister she forgot to mention:
1. She hates thong underwear but every once in a while will buy it and then declare again how she hates it.
2. She had an imaginary friend named "Sandra" (pronounced "Sondraw") whom she blamed for every thing she did wrong.
3. Sondraw had a very weird, high pitched voice that made our parents laugh. I was jealous that I hadn't thought of creating a funny friend to pin the blame on when I got caught. She was a lot smarter than me which brings us to....
4. She has a genius IQ. No kidding. I have to tell you because she never will.
5. She has gorgeous hair. Always has. Probably always will.
6. She is game for anything.
7. She loves polka dots, lots & lots of polka dots.
8. She has over two hundred romance paperbacks that I talked her into organizing by color in her library ( I told you she was game for anything!)
9. She always wins a prize at any baby/wedding shower she attends.
10. Her lemon squares are to-die -for.
11. ditto her chocolate chip cookies.
12. She's a pool shark and will wipe up the floor with you if given a chance.
13. Speaking of pools, she can spend hours in one without ever getting her hair wet. It's a gift.
14. She loves french country interiors.
15. She forced me to make her living room curtains and I never complained.
16. She looks beautiful in any shade of blue.
17. Her car in college was called "The Pumpkin".
18. She once knit me a Christmas stocking in shocking pink that was so big I used it for a laundry bag.
19. She tried to teach me how to knit but gave up when I didn't want to make a laundry bag,oops, I mean stocking.
20. She is kind, loyal and an incredible sister/mother/wife and the best thing my parents ever brought home.

Swirl Girl said...

I feel as though I know so much more about you now ....more than some people I've known for years.

If you can't drop the eff bomb...how do you curse??