Dec 13, 2008

Happy Holidays . . .

This is our Christmas Tree this year. My kids decorated it for me. My daughter lovingly placed each and every ornament carefully on the tree. My son threw the ornaments at the tree and hoped they landed on a branch. A few didn't make it. He's getting coal for Christmas. I'm throwing it at him.
This is my Christmas china.
Does anyone know where the rest of it is?
This is a gratuitous picture.

Here's another one.

This arrangement is on my mantle. My sister made that for me. Don't tell her I added that giant green leaf in the background. She told me not to touch it. I saw her looking at it today when she came over. I wonder if she was asking herself where that giant green leaf came from.

This is our sitting room.
Most people prefer to stand in it.
I should probably buy some more chairs.

Those branches came from a tree in our front yard. They were free.
All the stuff on it was not. It's important that you know that. It is not important for my husband to know that. I hope he stopped reading my blog a few pictures ago.

This display is in the foyer. The branches sticking out of the flower arrangement look like antlers to me.
Can you tell what my favorite color is?

This is my favorite Christmas book. It tells the story of my family.
This is "Ernie the Elf". When my kids were little I used to entertain them with this stuffed doll. Ernie was Santa's helper. Every Christmas he would appear just after Thanksgiving to keep an eye on my kids and report his findings to Santa. Ernie did his best work when no one was looking. You never knew what you might find him or where he might be.
Ernie would show up in strange places around the house. Sometimes hiding in the kid's beds. Sometimes in Samantha's (my daughter's American Girl Doll) doll bed wearing her nightgown with an arm casually placed around Samantha's shoulder. Sometimes hanging from the chandelier. Sometimes in the car. Sometimes on the stairs. He was always hanging around doing funny things. During the Twelve Days of Christmas he would have a present for the kid's each day. I'm not sure who had more fun with the "Christmas Adventures with Ernie". I'd say it was pretty equal.
Ernie always left on Christmas Eve to go get the kids presents and help Santa deliver them. On Christmas morning he'd be under the tree waiting for them with all their presents and a letter from Santa.
to be continued. . .
in the meantime. . .Happy Holidays to all . . .


buffalodick said...

You had an elf, we had a rubber lizard... My mother, sister or I would get this present from year to year for many years! Your house looks great!

lynngweeny said...

OMG! I knew it!!
I did look wierdly at that arrangement yesterday because I was thinking,
"Why the heck did I stick that big green leaf in there when it so obviously didn't match anything else?"
Thanks for restoring my sanity and oh, by the way.....
Take. It. Out.

Now. ;-)

Arnie said...

Ernie's not real????

Swirl Girl said...

love the tree - it is beautiful. And all the blue decor.

...but Ernie is a bit creepy, reminds me of Hermie the dentist elf from Rudolph.

~*Liz*~ said...

LOL I love the Ernie idea! I think I will remember that for next year. The kids would love it. :)


Kat said...

I have lots of friends doing the "Elf on the shelf" with their kids. Sounds a lot like Ernie. And I love all your decorations. I wish I had decorations...but we have cats instead.

Candid Carrie said...

Every time you write a post I think it is my favorite one so far. And then you write another one.

But for real, this is my favorite post by far.

I thought of you yesterday when I saw the Fisher Price Nativity Scene and that robust Baby Jesus that children are supposed to play with ... everyone knows you don't play with Baby Jesus. He is for adoration not interaction. Next thing you know there will be a Baby Jesus Magic Eight Ball. Sheesh.

Cathy said...

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas from all of us at As the World Flops.

Candid Carrie said...

come back

Teri said...

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Miss your posts.

buffalodick said...

Saw your face on a milk carton... have they found you yet?